SuperOtium, a project by Nicola Ciancio and Vincenzo Falcione, is a new hospitality format aimed at experiencing art and design and discovering the more creative side of Naples. Ex-voto, in the figure of Nicola Ciancio, is in charge of the Art-Direction of the residencies, talks and collaborations of this beautiful place designed by Hyper Eden in the frame of the very first residency of the SuperOtium project.

Naples is often portrayed with stereotypes that simplify its multi-faceted nature and prevent newcomers from perceiving the complexity of this city. For this reason, and in line with the identity and interest of those who experience it daily, we depict and convey a contemporary, innovative, continuously evolving Naples. A city which is tied to a strong and clear identity that all its inhabitants feel strongly about, but nonetheless remains constantly perched between tradition and evolution, an “open-air” museum of the real and immaterial which speaks a popular language to relate to the contemporary age. A city which, even when its beauty turns it into a leading tourist attraction, never yields to becoming a glossy postcard, but stays true to itself and to its thousand contradictions.

The program of art residencies at SuperOtium is conceived to support Naples’ natural inclination to be a place of inspiration for new creative and artistic projects. Our interest lies in making these views hybrid, acting as a link between different points of view to create new tales of the city.
The residency theme is the point of view and how artistic and creative practices can act upon it. The context is the journey and the condition by which, as we exit our daily lives, we open up to the discovery of whatever is different or simply unknown.

Paz Ortúzar in residency at SuperOtium