VVV-Residency 2023

VVV-Residency 2023

January 16Th to March 17th,

We are very happy to announce that the artist in VVV-Residency this year, are Daisy Bayliss, Evelyn Chow, Amie Dodgson, Katie Kelly. They are working on online libraries with a special focus on archives. You can follow their researches on the blog: vvvres.blogspot.com/ They will be in Naples, at SuperOtium, for the project presentation and exhibition opening from march 14th until march 17th.

video art residencies by Alessandra Arnò, Visualcontainer and
Simona Da Pozzo, Vegapunk.

The project
VVV Residency is a project of critical reflection and an audiovisual production time articulated through a residency, an exhibition and an event to introduce the student to the contemporary artistic professional field.
The project is articulated around a web-based artistic residency in its tools and the analysis and use of online digital audiovisuals for creating new works.
The project results from the process of transformation of the residence born in 2014 in Milan. Since then, the experience has continued by connecting different realities and academies, such as NABA, The Blank, Tilde, Via Farini, Non-Riservato and AUB university with which we launched VVV-Residency in 2020 as a digital evolution of the project.

Residency: The project aims to experiment with moving image and video art through an online artistic residence in which the Academy’s students while creating the work, move in a professional research environment with process collaborative and horizontal.

Exhibition: The path ends with selecting the most exciting works and their presentation and promotion on a professional level through the online exhibition on the VisualcontainerTv digital platform.
The exhibition will be visible 24/7 in the Exhibitcontainer section dedicated to the Best of International Festivals and independent curatorial projects.

Event: (screening and talk): The artists and Course Leaders participate in a live public moment where the various international academy participants meet in an event divided into a screening and a talk. The event presents artists and works created in residence to the Naples art scene, involving institutions, curators and cultural planners.
SuperOtium, a residential space in Naples’s historic centre, promotes the event.