Residency project 
curated by Simona Da Pozzo in collaboration with Marisol Malatesta (Tilde) and Alessandra Arnò (VisualcontainerTv)
Founded by Art University Bournemouth (UK)

Two artists will live and work at Vegapunk in Milan, for 16 days, from November 18th until December 3th .
This year the residency will be focused on the relation between video art practice and performative process.
The “ecology of vision” will be the issue linking the artist in residency with the territory. Milan is a city where visual communication dominates the urban panorama. Design, fashion, advertisements, monuments and street interventions permeate inhabitants' eyes all day long. Which place can be taken by art in this overbooked landscape? The artists in residence, tutored by the artists Alessandra Arnò and Marisol Malatesta, will realize a new independent video-art-work with the idea to present it in the frame of an open-studio. One of the artist in residence will have the possibility to develop and exhibit a work inspired by bread making thank to collaboration with TILDE.