Action Frame

Action Frame

Video art screenings at Elita Festival, Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan 2012

Curated by Simona Da Pozzo (Vegapunk, Milan) in collaboration with Philip Tonda (TTP, Paris), Nina Boas, Martijn Stellinga and Ieke Trinks (PAE, Rotterdam), Giorgio Maffei, Sara Serighelli and Samuele Menin(O’, Milan),

Action Frame presents an international selection of artists working on performance to explore the relation between action and video in contemporary art. The screening includes 4 video-selections curated by artist and curators and it has been presented in the frame of Elita Festival.

TPTP selection from Paris curated by Philip Tonda.

Philip Tonda works as artist and curator. He started the platform TPTP in Paris, and He also curates new artist residence program at VINGT Paris magazine. He’s featuring a selection of videos from the 7th Annual Pixelpops! which work-title was “Performance From Far Away”. Artists: Karin Felbermayr | Stefan Riebel | Ghazaleh Abassalian | Filippo Berta | Elisa Fernández Arteta | Dwayne Butcher | Paul Wiersbinski | Baden Pailthorpe | Svetlana Ivanova

PAE selection from Rotterdam curated by Nina Boas, Martijn Stellinga and Ieke Trinks.

Three performance artist based in Rotterdam run PAE (Performance Art Event). They present a selection of video-registrations of performances from various artists over the past 4 years who performed in the PAE’s events. Artists: Maurice Blok | Peter Baren | Bruno Listenpad | Nina Wijnmaalen | Patricia Corrêa & Liesje van den Berk | Nina Boas | Ieke Trinks.

EX-VOTO selection curated by Simona Da Pozzo , Vegapunk

Simona Da Pozzo is an artist based in Milan. Her selection has been inspired by the artists she met in Rotterdam during the art residency at Nac Foundation. Artists: Helmut Smits | Ellen Henriette Suhrke and Hilde Skevik | Banality Dreams & Authentic Boys | Milan Matthey | Hieke Pars | Tetsushi Higashino | Arthur Kleinjan | Paolo Favero.

O’ selection from Milan curated by Giorgio Maffei, Sara Serighelli and Samuele

O’ presents a selection from the exhibition “Matterof Action” (2011) curated by Giorgio Maffei, Sara Serighelli and Samuele Menin. O’ (Milan) is a non-profit organization that promotes different art languages through exhibitions, lectures, concerts, labs, performances and editions. In collaboration with record label/publishing house Die Schachtel, O’ often produces live performances & projects with renowned avant-garde artists and composers. Artists: Moira Ricci | Cesare Pietroiusti | Giancarlo Norese | Luigi Negro | Emilio Fantin | Luigi Presicce | Cesare Viel | Nico Vascellari | Orthographe | Giovanna Ricotta | Invernomuto | Sissi | Patrizio di Massimo | Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio | Alessandro Ceresoli | Elisabetta Benassi | Alessandro Sciarroni | Patrick Tuttofuoco | Francesca Grilli | Michael Fliri | Davide Bertocchi | Paola Anziché | Marco Vaglieri | ZimmerFrei | Enzo Umbaca | Marcella Vanzo | Davide Savorani | Dafne Boggeri | Sabrina Torelli.